Through our courses, experiences, and communities, we break down the misconceptions about success and happiness, empowering you to create the life and world you want. Take your life to the next level by waking up to your Origin.


Decode Your Personality

Hack your unique personality software and Purpose through the Purpose Scan: a transformational 15-minute psychological scan, which measures your psyche’s unique energetic blueprint.

Sink into Presence

Once you understand your strengths and weaknesses through your Purpose Scan’s analysis, you’ll need the tools to dismantle what is holding you back. Using the 9 Elements of Soul Alignment, you will learn to leave your self-made prison and connect to your Origin, the deepest level of your being.

Accelerate from your Origin

When you’re connected to your Origin, you are just getting started with living in alignment with your Promise in life. From a place of Purpose, you’ll surf the energy of the Universe and manifest your deepest desires in your life and business.

You don’t have to choose
between purpose and profit.

What would your business look like if you just did what was authentic to you?



After working with over 1,000 entrepreneurs and leaders, I have realized that entrepreneurs have an enormous misunderstanding of what they need to succeed. Through my own personal journey I also saw the deep need for an alignment of Purpose with our work and lives.

To help solve this problem, I decided to focus on accelerating the transformation of life on earth towards a joyful society by helping entrepreneurs to become inside out manifestation powerhouses. That’s why I founded Awake Origins.

Joel is an entrepreneur, psychologist and founder of Awake Origins, OPEN Business Leaders and the World Consciousness Forum. He is the author of ‘The Journey to your Origin – Your Soul as USP in an AI world’. He is also a keynote speaker, an executive coach, and an ambient techno DJ.


World Consciousness Forum

The WCF is a global catalyst to facilitate humanity to wake up to a deeper state of consciousness. Together, we find ways to translate this into the way each of us lives and creates.

September 2020

Sep 29 – 30 | EYE, the A’DAM Tower and the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam

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