Your unique energetical 

The BluePrint Scan

The BluePrint Scan is a mind-bending, 15-minute, quantum psychological scan which is able to measure the unique energetic blueprint of your psyche.

In the electromagnetic field of your body run energetic pathways that are primarily fed and conducted from the area of the spine. There are seven collection areas throughout this area in which these forces come together. You know these seven collection areas as energy points, which are aligned from your pelvis to your crown. These seven energy points are the housing for the seven basic needs and basic objectives. This is the basis of Purpose’s field of activity. The Scan is able to measure this for you.

You fill out the scan in about 15 minutes. You should only fill out the scan once every seven years.

Bringing spiritual depth and entrepreneurial practicality together

Bringing spiritual depth
and entrepreneurial practicality together

A unique personality software scan developed by psychologist, top-level consultant and Awake Origins co-founder, Laurens Vehmeijer.

Successfully utilized in the executive arena and in leadership development for over 30 years.

It distinguishes itself from all other tests on the market as it connects directly to our subconscious being.

Its accuracy cannot be influenced by the conscious mind.


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How we use the BluePrint

Although the BluePrint is amazingly deep and profound, we use it in very practical and actionable ways:

If you want to experience the blueprint life, come to our Decode Yourself!

But in the end its power can only be

The BluePrint and Awake Origins

The BluePrint is a unique personality software scan. It measures one’s essence, inner drivers, limiting beliefs and skillset.

It was developed by psychologist and top-level consultant, Laurens Vehmeijer, and has been successfully utilized in the executive arena and in leadership development for over 30 years.

It distinguishes itself from all other tests on the market as it connects directly to our subconscious being and measures its resonance with language and our individual connotations and experience thereof. Its accuracy cannot be influenced by the conscious mind.

The BluePrint Scan is the nucleus of all that we are.

It is at the heart of all our programs as it provides the foundation for self-reflection. It enables us to de-code ourselves on multiple levels, facilitating gaining an understanding of who we are, our innate character, inner motivations as well as our limiting beliefs.Our community members use its insights to pinpoint strengths and pitfalls and to gain clarity on their unique mission and vocation in life.

AWAKE ORIGINS – Bringing Awareness To Life

Through our programs, proven framework, tools and community, we facilitate that individuals move from a state of dependence to independence, building-on and cultivating our innate core, our essence and putting that center stage in all that we are, and all that we do.

From there, we maximize creativity. We co-create in interdependence – recognizing that synergizing and building together – creates even greater impact – sustainable success, for our brighter world.


Experience the BluePrint Scan in the following ways

Get ROASTED and experience DISRUPTING yourself in just 90 minutes during Awake Origins “The Roast” with Joel aan ‘t Goor.

Decode Yourself

Decode your personal software during this 6,5 hour transformational experience with Joel aan ‘t Goor and former professional cyclist and breath coach, Karsten Kroon.

Schedule Feedback

Schedule a BluePrint Scan-Based Feedback call with Sinéad Branagan. You will receive in-depth information about your personal BluePrint.

What people are saying 

“The tools provided by Awake Origins give me simple and powerful practices that bring me to the here and now. It simply feels good to take that step back every now and then, to reflect on what you’re doing – especially because this happens within a group of like-minded people who I consider to be good friends by now. On top of all this, the “extra” experiences (like the breathwork sessions or days of silence) are the cherries on top, and I consider them a treat to myself. Highly recommended.”

Derk de Geus

Executive Chairman at Paladin Studios | Chairman at Dutch Games Association


“Awake Origins helps me to hear my inner voice, each time louder and louder. I feel connected with the people around me, my purpose and nature. Thanks to everyone @awakeorigins” 

Martijn Peeters
CEO and Co-Founder Camptoo

Definitely not your usual business course, no agenda and definitely no white board insight. However, as the famous tagline goes ‘probably the best business course in the world’: if you think you are ready for this course, then you are. To be clear, I haven’t finished the course, the truth is, I am only at the beginning of my journey.”

Anne Dolan
Co-Founder Clink Hostels

“Being in the programs of Awake Origins truly awakened my origin. I found and recognized my solid base to create maximum impact, in line with my purpose. On top of that and of equal value: I found and recognized my tribe of like-minded changemakers. If you want to change the world, start with Awake Origins.“

Odette van Zijdveld
CEO Aliter Networks & Founder SoulBites

“I love you man (Joel), You have a great presence. Just keep on doing your good work.”

Wim Hof
The Iceman

“I was fortunate to take part in the course “Welcome to Your Origin”. In the safe setting, and beautiful surroundings, I got to know myself on a deeper level and was able to free myself from a number of stubborn thought patterns that were standing in the way of my leadership. I regularly apply the concrete tips I received. During the course I found the answer to a big question, with a small, but very valuable answer. What kind of beauty do I have to add to the world? This day was a renewed introduction to my essence. This organisation is rightly called “Awake Origins”.

Manon de Groot-van Gelder
CEO/Owner De Storytelling Fabriek and buro ROOD