Want to work with autonomous teams? First things first….

A lot of companies experiment with autonomous teams. Some succeed, many fail. People taking responsibility for themselves becomes even more important as organizations get flatter and move to implement more self-determination. You can’t strive for more self-determination or implement more self-determination models as long as people are not able to manage themselves individually.

The Key

Besides that, there’s no real difference between work and private life. You are always who you are. You can help your employees take responsibility for their personal and professional lives. The key is that people know the software of their own systems and personalities. This self-knowledge also bears fruit when they work in teams. Self-knowledge is the basis for effectiveness, and solid and balanced support for the company. It’s also the basis for maintaining your organization as a knowledge system. It’s really becoming necessary for us to learn to see ourselves and our organizations as energy systems, energy systems with the fantastic USP of Passion and Purpose.

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