Our Core Values

Our core values are the essence of who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

Starting with ourselves and our team, they guide us and our partners in decision making to cocreate a brighter future together.

TRUST AND SAFETY, are at the core of everything we do

Our growth exponentially accelerates when we reflect together with other powerful creators. In order to open-up and take a deep dive together we need to feel safe, we need to trust each other.

We build trust through constructive, candid communication that serves the common good. We speak the truth. We believe in each other. We do what we say we’ll do. We are authentic, honest and forthright in our dealings.

Take our RESPONSE-ABILITY and create our own reality

Our lives contain a promise, a promise to live up to our potential when it comes to our growth, as well as what we bring to the world. Living up to our promise starts with taking responsibility. We encourage our co-creators, our members, our team and everyone else to be fully themselves and to contribute with their unique essence. Let’s take responsibility for why we are here on earth right now and live up to our full potential. Together.

DO THE WORK, EVERYDAY to live the life of your unique nature

Expanding our consciousness and going next level does not happen by itself. We need to do the work if we want to live the life of our unique essence. Personal growth requires effort, practice and perseverance.

In our experience, once you put in the effort, life becomes effortless.

You are not alone, collectively we’ll get there.

Share the LOVE, it multiplies itself

Love allows us to open-up to another person and be vulnerable.

That openness gives us the ability to learn and grow and it helps us access strengths – and feelings – we never even knew we had.

Love starts with experiencing the love within yourself.

When you love yourself, you can share your love with others, it’s contagious and it multiplies itself.

Choose JOY and lighten up the world

Joy brings us closer to a deeper and more profound sense of who we are, because, like love, joy is much bigger than ourselves.

Part of joy is graduating to be the best version of yourself, even if things aren’t going your way.

We believe in fun at work while producing great results within a sustainable business because joyful people can achieve joyful outcomes to lighten up the world and build back better.

Just Open Yourself

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