Want to attract and inspire the employees and co-creators you want? It starts with Purpose.

Become the embodiment of Purpose. Most fast growing and inspired companies have someone within them who is the embodiment of the Purpose of the organization, a guardian of the philosophy. This could be the CEO or the founder, although that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. It’s about the deeper objective of the organization being palpable and about it being communicated authentically. When strategic decisions are being made, it is about the following question always being asked: does this decision contribute to what we as an organization want to be and what we want to achieve through it? 

The Strength

The strength of an organization lies in the combination of people who experience an overlap in their individual purposes, which ensures that they want to contribute to the same goal. The more explicit the communication about the Purpose of the organization is, the greater the appeal of the organization to its employees as well as other stakeholders. A more explicit Purpose isn’t a dogma for speeding up the recruiting process. Because you as an organization know best who you are, you’ll be more selective in your hiring policy. As an entrepreneur and leader, you want even the greatest talents to be able to identify with at least some of your organization’s Purpose. What you often see, therefore, is that a lived and really appealing Purpose makes it possible to attract knowledge, experience, and talent that wouldn’t have otherwise been attracted.

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Want to become a next level organization? Put purpose and personal growth center stage.

An increasing number of entrepreneurs no longer see their organizations solely as a vehicle for earning money. They also see their organizations as a means of contributing to a better and more beautiful world, and as a platform for the personal growth of their employees, including themselves. 
Organizations of people living from Purpose invariably work on the basis of intrinsic motivation. As a leader, you’ll have to slow them down rather than chase them down. Imagine that for the most part, your organization consists of people who want to contribute to the higher goals of the organization, who know their own motivations and motives, and who are keenly aware of what they do and don’t do well and know how to use that in their roles within the organization. That sounds too good to be true, but what’s fantastic is that there’s nothing standing in the way of making that a reality. It’s possible at every level in the organization of your company.

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