Decode Yourself

Experience on a deeper level how Awake Origins can help you and your team connect to your essence and realize your full potential.

Decode Yourself is a truly transformative experience. With the help of the BluePrint Scan participants receive profound insights into how to live up their full potential with their unique personality. Through several mind-blowing exercises participants reach very powerful states of calm, clarity and creativity.

This event is for those that want to get to know Awake Origins even better. It teaches about the immediate action we can take to find true meaning and experience more joy and clarity.

It includes a powerful breathing and meditation technique, hosted by breath-coach and former professional cyclist,  Karsten Kroon. From there most feel the rising of their essence and purpose.

To get an idea of the power of the community, you can connect with likeminded creators, leaders, and entrepreneurs to further expand your network, gain insights and share experiences.

Are you ready to DECODE YOURSELF?


4 to 8 hours. On location or online.

Participants fill out the extraordinary BluePrint Scan before the event. Online and in just 15 minutes.

Participants will get insight in how to live up their full potential through deep insight into the qualities, pitfalls and limiting beliefs within their unique personality.

Through an extraordinary breathing exercise participants change their state of consciousness and can reach extraordinary levels of clarity. For many this experience is one of the most beautiful experiences of their lives.


If the audience consists of a team or organization, the group will also get insights on how to improve team / organization effectiveness based on the specific personalities

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