Decode your Personality.
Live from your Purpose.
Find your Origin.

What if the vision of success most entrepreneurs and leaders were working towards were wrong?

After working with over 1,000 entrepreneurs and leaders, Joel aan ‘t Goor, entrepreneur, psychologist, and founder of Origins, has realized that entrepreneurs have an enormous misunderstanding of what they need to succeed.

Through our courses, experiences, and communities, we break down the misconceptions about success and happiness, empowering you to create the life and world you want. Take your life to the next level by waking up to your Origin.

Find out which experiences best meet your needs. 

Here's how we do it:

Decode Your Personality

Hack your unique personality software and Purpose through the Purpose Scan: a transformational 15-minute psychological scan, which measures your psyche’s unique energetic blueprint.

Sink into Presence

Once you understand your strengths and weaknesses through your Purpose Scan’s analysis, you’ll need the tools to dismantle what is holding you back. Using the 9 Elements of Soul Alignment, you will learn to leave your self-made prison and connect to your Origin, the deepest level of your being.

Accelerate from your Origin

When you’re connected to your Origin, you are just getting started with living in alignment with your Promise in life. From a place of Purpose, you’ll surf the energy of the Universe and manifest your deepest desires in your life and business.

Join a Life-Changing Experience and Community

Origin Accelerator

This live, three-day event is designed to help you dismantle your bullshit, make contact with your Origin, and radically increase your manifestation power from a place of Presence. Events are hosted by psychologist and Origins founder, Joel aan ‘t Goor.

You will leave able to:
  • decode your personality
  • dismantle your bullshit
  • harness the power of sinking into presence
  • identify your life's Purpose
  • utilize the 9 Elements of Soul Alignment
  • manifest your goals and desires
  • accelerate from your Origin

The Roast of Your Leadership

From the day you are born, your personality is created through interaction with your environment. Based on the most remarkable and accurate assessment of who you are (the results of your Purpose Scan), at the Roast we mercilessly strip you of all your subconscious motivations, blind spots, and pitfalls as a leader and human being.

During The Roast of Your Leadership, you’ll gain insights into:
  • your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and the way to harness these in a better way.
  • your deep, unconscious motivations, which determine nearly everything in your life and the way you manage your business.
  • the way you can increase the growth of your organization with your own unique personality.

Origins Circle

Deepen your awakening, find your Purpose, and become a conscious leader by embarking on a one-year journey with a curated group of 8–14 entrepreneurs and leaders. Together, you are a support system providing accountability, insight, and resources for accelerating from your Origin.

As a member, you will gain the skills to:
  • understand your unique energetical blueprint
  • lead and build Purpose-driven organizations
  • identify and dismantle your bullshit
  • manifest your goals and Purpose
  • live in alignment and flow
  • harness the power of sinking into presence

Origins Chapter

This one-year journey with 25-100 like-minded humans will accelerate your personal awakening and provide a community and support to help you manifest your life’s Purpose. You and your fellow entrepreneurs and creatives understand that committing to your personal development is the foundation to manifesting Purpose-driven businesses and to bringing into being magnificent lives for yourselves and for life on earth.

Chapters are launching in Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Berlin.

In this community you will learn how to:
  • understand your unique energetical blueprint
  • lead and build Purpose-driven organizations
  • identify and dismantle your bullshit
  • manifest your goals and Purpose
  • live in alignment and flow
  • understand how to utilize the universe's energy

Origin Alignment 3-Day Retreat

In this profound three-day retreat, you will deepen your perspective on different dimensions of your being and learn how to integrate various exercises into your life as a busy entrepreneur. This program, held at the Mandali Retreat Center outside of Milan, also offers opportunities to relax, enjoy the sauna and jacuzzi, and go for walks in the surrounding countryside.

At the retreat, you will gain:
  • insight into the 9 Elements of Soul Alignment
  • tools to build a daily practice (one of the core Elements)
  • understanding of how to grow your creative power
  • awareness of living in flow

"I found that it was time to work on my own development. Starting as a human being. So I got in touch with Joel aan 't Goor of Origins.

He made an impressive journey when it comes to his personal development and career as a human being and entrepreneur. With his company Origins he brings leaders, entrepreneurs and organisations together to create a community of 'purpose driven and awake leaders’.

In such a process, it is about initiation and transformation. First you have to let go of who or what you thought you were as a person and company, so that you can become what you really are or want to be.

Thanks to this journey and transformation of recent years The Valley has become a company where many beautiful new things arise. In other markets and with new business models that will serve the needs of our clients."

PHILIP KOK // CEO The Valley

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