Want to create an unbeatable team? 

The difference between ‘good people’ and ‘exponential people’ is exponential. The same goes for ‘good teams’ and ‘exponential teams’. Now guess: which kind you need to successfully launch, scale or grow your company?

It is said that in the start and scale up phase of a company most of the founder’s time should be put in attracting the right people and creating a winning team. You want your new hires to be exact matches. In order to do that you need to use your intuition and… the mindblowing Purpose Scan which will predict individual as well as team successes and failures. 
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Want to accelerate your company growth? Go next level with Human Asset Auditing

We believe there are no cookie-cutter recommendations for how an organization can be successful; so far, they’ve never existed in the history of organizations. Even in our technological age organizations are still made up of people, so organizing remains people-work. At the beginning and end of every system, there’s always a human being. And that means things always go differently in different organizations, and that the type of organization is dependent on the type of people in it. In addition to that, each organization operates within its own market dynamic, is in its own developmental phase, and, as a result, faces its own challenges. Last but not least, for this reason, every organization also has its own unique leader and unique (top-) team. This means that every organization is managed by its own unique personality software. Often enough, we’ve seen that a change of personality software at the top or in the core of an organization has a decisive impact on the whole. This personality software is the DNA of organizations. Its effect can be felt right down to the tiniest of facets and characteristics of the organization.

The DNA is the basis of a company’s existence and survival, not to mention its success. People drive technology, not the other way around. This means that the software of people is the key to everything you want to achieve in an organization. When it comes to people, you can bring any number of things in your organization into focus: leadership, specialization, entrepreneurship, organizational strength, R&D potential, and so on. You can designate all kinds of themes and use them as the basis for Human Asset Management. Your employees and colleagues will be incredibly enthusiastic about it because then you’ll be highlighting the qualities and Purpose found in everyone’s personality. At any rate, it will ensure that people feel seen and that they can act on the basis of their power. They can then take responsibility for themselves and their role in the organization.

At Origins we can help you with auditing your human assets on an individual, team and organizational level. We do this with the next step in personality testing: the Purpose Scan. For more information about human asset auditing and the Purpose Scan click here or contact us.