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Cultivate and deepen the connection with yourself as well as other awake creators, entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals with our membership LIGHT.

The Awake Origins membership LIGHT assists you in integrating consciousness into your daily life and will expand your (international) network of awake and purpose-driven creators.

Game changing practices, experiences and co creation

With our membership LIGHT you can immerse yourself in several high impact practices to ground yourself, open up your intuition, clean your mind, body and spirit and align yourself with your essence. Multiple times a week you can join live guided meditations by Joel aan ‘t Goor via Zoom, you have access to monthly transformational breathing sessions, monthly masterclasses with thought leaders from all over the world, quarterly reflection and envisioning sessions and co-creation sessions with other creators, leaders and entrepreneurs. Experience the astonishing power of the collective during all of these sessions and experiences.

Are you ready for your homecoming?

Community and Awake Origins App

Immerse yourself within a community of awake and purpose-driven creators. Connect online (and offline) with other members across the world. Grow and learn together, ask questions, share your thoughts and ideas and co-create a brighter future. New Awake Origins App to be launched soon!

Weekly Meditations + Monthly Breath Sessions

Bring yourself next level through extremely profound, high-impact live meditations in which you ground yourself, open up your intuition, clean your mind, body and spirit and align yourself with your essence. Experience the energy of the collective through multiple live sessions a week (morning and evening) or re-watch the sessions later! Every month you can experience the power of conscious connected breathing from your home. Guided by beautiful music and powerful breath coaches like Karsten Kroon.


How to live and create from the inside out? You have access to a diverse range of awake thought leaders and creators from all over the world during our (online) interactive masterclasses.

Rolf Winters, Wim Hof

Reflection/Envision + Co Creation Sessions

In a powerful online session, right before the beginning of a new season, we slow down, reflect on the last 3 months and envision the upcoming 3 months. In these sessions you accelerate through the mirroring power of other members. The co creation quality of the community you experience in our Co Creation Sessions!


Integrate your awakening in your daily life
Want to join a growing community of awake creators
Want to get a powerful taste of what Awake Origins is all about




LIVE Evening clean up and meditation Monday 20.30 – 21.30 CEST + opportunity to watch on your own time

LIVE Morning Qi Gong exercises and meditation Wednesday 07.00 – 08.00 CEST + opportunity to watch on your own time

LIVE Monthly transformational breathing sessions with breath coaches like Karsten Kroon

LIVE Masterclasses + Q&A with awake entrepreneurs, thought leaders, artists and other creators + opportunity to watch on your own time

LIVE Quarterly reflection / envision sessions together with other Awake Origins members

LIVE Co Creation Sessions with other Awake Origins members

Access to other Awake Origins members

10% discount on Awake Origins live events and multi day retreats

“The tools provided by Awake Origins give me simple and powerful practices that bring me to the here and now. It simply feels good to take that step back every now and then, to reflect on what you’re doing – especially because this happens within a group of like-minded people who I consider to be good friends by now. On top of all this, the “extra” experiences (like the breathwork sessions or days of silence) are the cherries on top, and I consider them a treat to myself. Highly recommended.”​

Derk de Geus
Executive Chairman at Paladin Studios | Chairman at Dutch Games Association

Definitely not your usual business course, no agenda and definitely no white board insight. However, as the famous tagline goes ‘probably the best business course in the world’: if you think you are ready for this course, then you are. To be clear, I haven’t finished the course, the truth is, I am only at the beginning of my journey.”

Anne Dolan 
Co-Founder Clink Hostels

“I was fortunate to take part in the course “Welcome to Your Origin”. In the safe setting, and beautiful surroundings, I got to know myself on a deeper level and was able to free myself from a number of stubborn thought patterns that were standing in the way of my leadership. I regularly apply the concrete tips I received. During the course I found the answer to a big question, with a small, but very valuable answer. What kind of beauty do I have to add to the world? This day was a renewed introduction to my essence. This organisation is rightly called “Awake Origins”.​

Manon de Groot-van Gelder
CEO/Owner “De  Storytelling Fabriek and buro ROOD

“What a wonderful experience it was! The program provided interesting insights in some of my conscious and unconscious blockers that prevent me from living and experiencing my life to the fullest . In the afternoon there was a very good session with a breath coach, which I found very powerful. If you’re interested in personal growth, I can strongly recommend taking part!“​

Nicolette Du Rieu
Asset support manager UK and Norway at Shell

“Being in the programs of Awake Origins truly awakened my origin. I found and recognized my solid base to create maximum impact, in line with my purpose. On top of that and of equal value: I found and recognized my tribe of like-minded changemakers. If you want to change the world, start with Awake Origins.“

Odette van Zijdveld 
CEO Aliter Networks & Founder SoulBites

“I am not neutral, I am a fan”

Rik Vera
Chairman Nexxworks

“Awake Origins helps me to hear my inner voice, each time louder and louder. I feel connected with the people around me, my purpose and nature. Thanks to everyone @awakeorigins” ​

Martijn Peeters
CEO and Co-Founder Camptoo

“At Awake Origins they under promise and over deliver”

Fleur Mulders
Founder Atleetfabriek

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