Next Level Connection

Experience on a deeper level how Awake Origins can help you and your team connect to your essence and realize your full potential.

Next Level Connection is an extremely revoloutionary experience.

Teams become more effective and work becomes more meaningful and joyful when you have a deeper connection with the colleagues within your team.

But how often do you take the time to truly connect with the people that you are working with?

Do you really know what drives the other?

Can you genuinely ‘see’ each other?

Are you ready to really SEE EACH OTHER?


During Next Level Connection you will deepen the connection with your colleagues in a way you have never experienced before.

4 hours to two days. On location or online.

The connection with others can only go as deep as the depth of your connection with yourself. Therefore, at the start of the session we will deepen that connection with yourself through several aligning exercises. Exercises that at the same time will open up your intuition.

For the duration of this session, we will dedicate time together to each individual team member, in a way that is truly insightful and honest. We will use your intuition and you may feel out of your comfort zone.

As you know, true growth happens exactly there! We will go beyond connection in this workshop.

Participants leave with deep insights about how they are truly perceived by others.

From there, they will be able to increase their effectiveness as a professional and team member.

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