Want to be a truly effective entrepreneur? Know yourself.

Do the things you excel in. Stop doing the things you’re not good at. Create a team around you which complements you. 

This all starts with knowing yourself. Fill out the Purpose Scan and in one feedback session you will get invaluable and practical insights that will save you tons of money and many months (or even years). Start scaling now.

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Want to lead a next level organization? Put purpose and personal growth center stage

An increasing number of entrepreneurs no longer see their organizations solely as a vehicle for earning money. They also see their organizations as a means of contributing to a better and more beautiful world, and as a platform for the personal growth of their employees, including themselves.
Organizations of people living from Purpose invariably work on the basis of intrinsic motivation. As a leader, you’ll have to slow them down rather than chase them down. Imagine that for the most part, your organization consists of people who want to contribute to the higher goals of the organization, who know their own motivations and motives, and who are keenly aware of what they do and don’t do well and know how to use that in their roles within the organization. That sounds too good to be true, but what’s fantastic is that there’s nothing standing in the way of making that a reality. It’s possible at every level in the organization of your company.

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