An impactful one-year journey that deepens  your awareness and consciousness. You will accelerate your growth as a human being and creator together with a group of carefully curated, like-minded creators.

The Circle is a very impactful one-year journey with a curated group of entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators. In an environment of trust and openness, we go to the next level in personal development and business.

The program starts with a personal intake based on the unique BluePrint Scan results and a yearly follow up coaching session. It includes five facilitated sessions with the group, including a 2-day retreat in nature. As a result, participants know their own blueprint, build and lead purpose-driven organizations, live in alignment and flow, deepen their intuition and manifest their goals and true purpose in life.

Recently we added a Circle program that can be experienced fully online.

As a member, you will gain the skills to:

understand your unique energetical blueprint
lead and build Purpose-driven organizations
identify and dismantle your bullshit
manifest your goals and Purpose
live in alignment and flow
deepen your intuition and manifestation power


Accelerate each other in their business growth and impact.
Take true ownership for their personal growth and awakening.
Meet with and learn from the world’s preeminent influencers on leadership, consciousness, and technology.

What you get when you’re in the Circle:

ONE-ON-ONE INTAKE and personal feedback based on the BluePrint Scan, and yearly follow-up on your ambitions, challenges, and needs.

FIVE SESSIONS with an exclusive group* of local or international entrepreneurs and leaders (8 – 14 members).
Sessions are facilitated, and relevant speakers will be invited.

*Groups are aligned with a combination of: your personality, your position, the phase and size of your company, and your ambitions and personal needs. Groups can be focused on one or more aspects of: company growth and leadership or personal growth and awakening.

INSPIRATION DAY ACCESS to two Origins Inspiration Days with international thought leaders on the topics of leadership, technology and consciousness

Online community: Use the community to stay engaged and to continue learning outside of events with your fellow Circle members.

Origin Alignment: Gain access to our gatherings with both ancient and modern meditative approaches. We stretch the conventional meaning of meditation. Living is ITSELF a meditation. Alignment gatherings provide an opportunity to further connect with your fellow Circle members and to check in with your process.

This journey will help you awaken your consciousness through three levels: “I”, “We”, and “It”.


Who are you on the level of your personality? How do you use your personality as a vehicle to accelerate your impact?

Decode your personality software, awaken to a deeper reality within yourself, connect to your goals, and envision the future for you and your company. Experience a profound transformation in this Origins program.


Who are you as a part of humanity? The world around you is the result of a joint effort. Everyone is part of something which has the potential to be a fantastic collective. It is your great achievement to hold on to this highest vision in a positive way and act upon it. How do you, as an entrepreneur, live and create from your unique purpose?

Start living in alignment, see through the facade of the matrix, surf the undercurrent of your Purpose, experience life as the Play it is, and create a Purpose-driven organization from the inside-out. Deepen your awakening in this Origins program.


Who are you on the deepest level of yourself? When you delve deeper into yourself, you will discover that there’s only one consciousness. Everything that exists takes place within that one universal consciousness.

You’re going all the way when you’ve reached this level of connection. Identify with the highest consciousness, dismantle any remaining pitfalls, enjoy living in divine play. Lead the creation of Purpose-driven, conscious organizations. Live in alignment with Life Force, actualizing joyful, sustainable creations which work towards the collective health of the world.

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