This 120 minute course will deepen (or ignite) your journey of awakening as a entrepreneur and human being.

– more (entrepreneurial) clarity
– deeper presence
– more bodily awareness
– deeper intuition

A unique and individualized clarity and inner connection enhancer for conscious entrepreneurs and creators who want to enter their next level.

Get a profound understanding of the most powerful force as a creator within your unique personality. Based on your energetical blueprint measured by our BluePrint Scan.

Deepen your clarity, connection, intuition and presence through a personalized practice designed specifically for your blueprint.

Ignite your full potential by integrating part 1 and 2 into your life and accelerate into your full potential.


The program is designed in such a way that in a 4 week period your experience of reality will change in a subtle yet profound and impactful way.


Investment for this personalized journey based on your unique BluePrint:
Course Launch Offer for the next 24 hours = 2̵99 ̵eu̵r̵o̵ 149 euro incl. V.A.T.


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