Welcome to Your Origin – Decode Yourself

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We hope you have had a worthwhile experience during ‘Welcome To Your Origin – Decode Yourself’! As you might understand preparing and organizing this event is a time intensive process for the Origins team. If you feel the event has given you any value a financial contribution would be highly appreciated! You decide what its value has been for you.

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2 reviews for Welcome to Your Origin – Decode Yourself

  1. Nicolette

    What a wonderful experience it was! The program provided interesting insights in some of my conscious and unconscious blockers that prevent me from living and experiencing my life to the fullest . In the afternoon there was a very good session with a breath coach, which I found very powerful. If you're interested in personal growth, I can strongly recommend taking part!

  2. Katrin Ciulian

    Thanks so much for the inspiring session today!

    It reminded me how it feels like to connect to a different level of consciousness and to other people also looking for something bigger than themselves. I forgot about it! Also the breathing exercise in the afternoon was a very special and powerful experience for me, almost transcendental at one point.

    I can strongly recommend this experience.

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