The Purpose Scan is a scan that until recently almost nobody in the world had heard of. That might because the world wasn’t ready for it yet.

The Purpose Scan is by far the most in depth, accurate scan of the human psyche that you’ve ever seen in your life. It hacks reality on the level of your unique personality software and purpose.

The Purpose Scan (owned by Origins) is a mind bending 15 minute quantum psychology scan which is able to measure the unique energetical blueprint of your psyche.

Prepare yourself

Prepare yourself for a razor-sharp look in the mirror. Get stripped of your unique personality software with the inimitable Purpose Scan and become a more effective leader, entrepreneur, organization, and joyful human being.
You are born with an intention. That’s the power of Purpose. This intention of Purpose sets everything you touch in motion and creates growth. That’s because this Purpose powers your life and creativity. You, your goals, and your intentions are connected to this power 24/7. This Purpose is uniquely coded into your energetic system.
It’s important to map your own, unique software and from there, discover your Purpose and make contact with it. The Purpose Scan makes this possible. The Purpose Scan is the next step in personality testing. It’s the first quantum psychology questionnaire. It exposes the deepest level of your psyche with razor-sharp precision within 15 minutes. 

The result of the Purpose Scan gives you deep insights in:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur of professional: what should you do more and what should you stop doing immediately to accelerate your personal growth and / or company growth?
  • The people you have need around you to increase your execution power. Who do you need in your team so that you can focus on doing what you enjoy and what you are good at?
  • What motivates you deeply and how can you convert this to an attractive and actually perceivable Purpose for yourself and /or your organisation?

Other ways of using the Purpose Scan:

  • Innovative (top-)teams
  • Accelerate growth of organizations
  • Assessments
  • Start up and investment selections

  • Business coaching
  • Life coaching

I took the test and had one of the best conversations ever, using the results. Thanks Joel!

Rik Vera // Chairman Nexxworks