Purpose Scan

What is the Purpose Scan?

Developed by psychologist and top level consultant, Laurens Vehmeijer, and brought to the larger public by Joel aan ‘t Goor, psychologist and Origins founder, the Purpose Scan is a one of a kind, 15-minute psychological scan which measures the energetical blueprint of your psyche.

The Scan is a unique ‘personality test’ that distinguishes itself from all other tests on the market. The test cannot be influenced. It is practically applicable for 1 on 1 coaching, team formations, assessments or accelerating growth in organizations.

The results are used to pinpoint strengths and pitfalls to provide clarity on a person’s Purpose.

With the Purpose Scan:

you have a unique tool to offer your clients
you can work faster to pinpoint your clients' strengths, weaknesses, and larger Purpose
you have their most in-depth insights at a glance
you have a tool that seamlessly connects to every issue of clients / organizations

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