‘Your soul as USP in an AI world’


Must read for leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to go the next level.

Man vs. Artificial Intelligence (AI). Will you matter as a human being in the world of AI and what is your Unique Selling Point? What does this mean for your entrepreneurship and leadership and for the people at your organisation?

We in the Western world are at the start of a huge paradigm shift in the way we live and work. Meaning and Purpose are more important than ever in an AI world: Who am I? What skills do I have? What do I want?

Your Soul as USP in an AI world outlines the exceptional acceleration of technology and awareness. The hunger for meaning is only the gateway to realigning with your soul; your connection with universal creativity, intelligence and consciousness. This book offers a clear roadmap of an in-depth journey you can undertake as a human being, leader and entrepreneur: the journey to your origin. Dare to surf the undercurrent of your unique Purpose, lead yourself and others from what you are and can be.

About Joel aan ’t Goor – Psychologist and founder OPEN Business Leaders

Joel studied in three different countries and acquired his Master of Science in both Psychology and Business Administration. He published his scientific research in the field of evolutionary psychology and worked at an American consulting company on strategy implementation and management development projects. He founded OPEN Business Leaders when he was 29 years old. Currently he is also founder of the international platforms Origins and Project Insides, key note speaker, executive coach and ambient techno DJ.

Your soul as USP

Joel aan ‘t Goor