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No Presence = No Purpose

No Presence = No Purpose 1280 720 ilya

Wake Ups – No Presence = No Purpose

What happens with me after a week with back-to-back meetings, not enough sleep and a radical reduction in meditation time? I fall out of Presence and…. I lose my EXPERIENCE of Purpose.

Why? Presence and Purpose are hyper-connected. When you’re not in a state of Presence, Purpose becomes nothing more than a mind made story you tell yourself.

We need the robots to take care of the shit

We need the robots to take care of the shit 1280 720 Bram van Houtum

Wake Ups – We Need The Robots To Take Care Of The Shit – Wim Hof

Wim Hof (aka The Iceman) showed me his Kilimanjaro painting at his house which got us talking about the future of humanity and unleashing our creativity.

Wim likes to make things sound very simple. However, I think there might be a lot of truth in there. The rise of AI as an accelerator for conscious creativity amongst humanity…

What do you think?

Watch the full unplugged here:


Dominik Eulberg

Dominik Eulberg 1280 720 ilya

Unplugged – In The Beginning There Was A Sound – Dominik Eulberg

Joel aan ‘t Goor, founder of Origins and OPEN Business Leaders, interviews techno DJ Dominik Eulberg in Westerwald Germany.

Dominik is not only an electronic wizard, but he is also a part-time forester. All his music is nature inspired. Dominik talks about music, nature, existence, the thing he is trying to achieve and his life as a DJ.

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