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Josefien Groot

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AWAKE – Josefien Groot – Qlayers

“Qlayers is a young, passionate start-up situated in Delft, The Netherlands, that is disrupting the way we think about coatings. The company was founded in August 2017 and has increased its size fivefold since then. Qlayers’ vision is to make each surface functional. Just like nature has been doing it, only better.

Qlayers envisions to automate coating processes worldwide, by delivering functional surfaces as a service. Qlayers develops a revolutionary smart printing head with which the coating process of large, industrial surfaces can be automated. The printing head enables to automatically coat pipes, storage tanks, wind turbine blades, trains, walls, buildings, containers, aircraft and so on, during manufacturing and/or maintenance onsite.”

Check out the website of Qlayers here: www.qlayers.com

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