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Howard Martin

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Unplugged – Learn To Listen And Follow Your Hear – Howard Martin

“Learn to listen to and follow your heart. Don’t see it as inappropriate in business, it’s not. Learn to trust it, because it will never let you down. It will always lead to the right situation and the right decision if you really go that way.”

I loved my interview with Heartmath leader Howard Martin!

Check out the Heartmath website here: www.heartmath.com

Rik Vera

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Unplugged – Cherish Your Pirates – Rik Vera

Joel aan ‘t Goor, founder of Origins and OPEN Business Leaders, interviews thought leader Rik Vera. After an extensive career in General Management, Sales and Marketing, Rik changed his course. He is now a worldwide keynote speaker, boardroom advisor and renowned thought leader on the topics of extreme customer centricity, innovation in the digital are and business model change. Joel loves Rik for his clarity, his way of looking at reality and the way he inspires leaders and companies with his insights. In this Unplugged Joel talks with Rik about his purpose, the importance of chaos and the winning companies of the future.

Jordan Peterson

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Unplugged – I'm Actually A Very Playful Person – Jordan Peterson

Joel aan ‘t Goor, founder Origins and OPEN Business Leaders, interviews Jordan B. Peterson.

In the last few years, Jordan became one of the most renowned psychologists in the world. His book ‘12 rules for life’ was one of the best-sold books of 2018 with 2 million copies sold. Jordan talks about what it is to be human, his writing process and why his life feels like an ongoing miracle.

Dominik Eulberg

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Unplugged – In The Beginning There Was A Sound – Dominik Eulberg

Joel aan ‘t Goor, founder of Origins and OPEN Business Leaders, interviews techno DJ Dominik Eulberg in Westerwald Germany.

Dominik is not only an electronic wizard, but he is also a part-time forester. All his music is nature inspired. Dominik talks about music, nature, existence, the thing he is trying to achieve and his life as a DJ.

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