Team Accelerator

In the Awake Origins (Top) Team Accelerator program: teams and organizations go through a 6 – 12 month transformational process.

This is an exciting, high impact process on the individual level as well as the team / organizational level. The journey starts with an individual intake with all of the participants and is followed with a total of 7 days spread out over 5 sessions.

Phase 1 – Connect and Ignite

Connect to your team members on a deeper level and learn how to access deeper levels of clarity and intuition. Ignite your transformational journey of self discovery and next level creation.

Phase 2 – Know who you are (individual and team level)

Take a razor-sharp look in the mirror. Dive into your unique personality as a human being, professional and team. Receive invaluable insights into the qualities, pitfalls and purpose pointers of the team and the individual team members.

Phase 3 – Know why you are here (individual level)

Experience the universal gateway to becoming an inside-out creator from a state of presence. From a place of clarity deepen the understanding of why you are here on planet earth start surfing the undercurrent of Purpose within yourself.

Phase 4 – Know why you are here (team level)

As a team sink into a deeper understanding of the purpose of the team/organization and understand how you and other individuals within the team are connected to this purpose.

Phase 5 – Next Level Execution (individual and team level)

Make things very concrete and actionable on the individual and team level. Integrate insights and learnings and start executing at the next level of true success.

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