The Origins Experience

“Purpose is not a business decision. Purpose is following your heart on a personal journey. Surfing your own undercurrent or Purpose starts with ‘sinking’ into yourself.” – Joel aan ‘t Goor

How do you become an awake leader or entrepreneur that creates from the inside out?

The Origins Experience is a very carefully designed and profound Origins program. This full day experience has the power to ignite a deep inner transformation towards becoming an inside-out manifestation powerhouse.

During this unique ‘pressure cooker’ you will:

Get insight into the purpose pointers and purpose inhibitors that are part of your unique PERSONALITY
Experience the universal gateway to becoming an inside out creator from a state of PRESENCE
Start surfing the undercurrent of your unique PURPOSE
Start getting actionable on living your full potential as a leader, entrepreneur, professional and human being by living your PROMISE

August 3, 2020



09:30: BLOCK 1: Your unique Purpose is ingrained within your personality.
Before The Origins Experience, you’ll fill out the extraordinary Purpose Scan. In this block, Joel aan ‘t Goor gives insight into your personality and the pointers it contains towards your Purpose as a leader and human being.

12:30: BREAK

13:15: BLOCK 2: Beyond Personality
In this block, we go a level deeper, a level beyond the personality. From a state of Presence we dive into the question that should be the starting point of everything you create as a leader. The human beings that have built empires and have felt that their creations were truly meaningful – they all acted in line with this question. Joel guides you to the answer to this question. An answer that might change your life.

16:00: BREAK

16:30: BLOCK 3: Making it happen
The final block of The Origins Experience is about making it happen. You’ll leave with a Purpose Strategy that you can implement in your own life and your company.

18:00 DRINKS

The Origins Experience is for you if:

You are an entrepreneur, (future) leader or professional
You want to go next level and accelerate your personal growth
You want to experience the vibe and feel of Origins

About Joel aan ‘t Goor

Joel is a psychologist, author, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Awake Origins, the international movement for awake and purpose-driven creators, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Awake Origins accelerates the awakening of humanity and co-creates heaven on earth, in other words, a world where living your Purpose is a birthright and love and connectedness lie at the foundation of our society.

“A shared joyful reality for life on earth will only arise with a revolution on in the inside: wake up, take true responsibility for ourselves and become inside-out creators. As conscious entrepreneurs and leaders, we will act as a catalyst to manifest the desired transformation on earth.”

Joel’s strength lies in a deep understanding of both people and entrepreneurship. According to Joel, next-level leadership is about Purpose AND Profit. Joel is also the founder of the World Consciousness Forum and OPEN Business Leaders. He is an ambient techno DJ, keynote speaker, author of The Journey to Your Origin, and is the creator of ‘The Roast of Your Leadership’. His purpose: establish the tipping point for transformation on earth: wake up 10% of all influential entrepreneurs and leaders in the world and help them to become an ‘inside-out manifestation powerhouse’.

“Your heroism is that you dare to follow your Purpose, whatever it takes. This doesn’t mean that living from a place of Purpose is burdensome and serious. On the contrary. I’d say lean back and enjoy the ride.”

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