The Roast of Your Leadership

Know yourself and start surfing your undercurrent of Purpose.

It is easy to use words like purpose and purpose-driven leadership. It is something else to know your purpose and act upon it successfully as a leader, entrepreneur and professional.

What stands in the way of realizing your full potential are limiting beliefs and emotions.

During The Roast of Your Leadership, Joel aan ‘t Goor will show you your limiting dynamics within your unique personality. Dynamics you probably didn’t know were there but they have a magnificent impact on everything in your life as a human being and professional.

Joel unveils your limiting traits with the help of the extraordinary and infallible Purpose Scan.

Ready to go Next Level? Get Roasted.

What is The Roast?

From the day you are born, your personality is created through interaction with your environment. At the Roast, we mercilessly strip you of all your subconscious motivations, blind spots and pitfalls. As a leader, creator and as a human being.

We do this with the help of the most remarkable, inimitable and accurate assessment of who you are: the Purpose Scan. You fill out the scan before the event, online and in no more than 15 minutes.

During The Roast you get insights in:

Your deep, unconscious motivations which determine nearly everything in your life.
Your strengths and weaknesses and the way you can harness these in a better way.
The way you can take yourself and your surroundings next level with your own unique personality.



1. You are a successful entrepreneur, leader or creator who seeks to find meaning, wants to awaken and become truly purpose-driven.

2. You are a conscious and / or purpose-driven entrepreneur, leader or creator who looks for ways to scale your business.

3. You are a start-up entrepreneur or creator who wants to find your purpose and build a business that matches the needs of your target audience


About Joel aan ‘t Goor

In his late twenties Joel founded OPEN Business Leaders, a cross-sectoral network of more then 700 leaders and entrepreneurs of large and medium sized companies.

A personal transformation changed his view on life, leadership and entrepreneurship. He founded Awake Origins, an international movement for awake and purpose driven leaders. He is the author of The Journey to Your Origin and organizes the World Consciousness Forum.

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