The Roast Of Your Leadership

Get a first taste of how Awake Origins can help you and your team to realize your full potential.

By now over 3000 leaders, professionals and organizations from across the globe have participated in the insightful and entertaining ‘The Roast of your Leadership”.

The Roast is a highly interactive, team spirit building experience that will give your team extraordinary insights into their personality and the way they can improve their effectiveness, well being and flow.

For many, this event is the first acquaintance with Awake Origins. Based on the BluePrint Scan results it shows us the limiting dynamics within our unique personalities and strips us of all our subconscious motivations, blind spots, and pitfalls. We can embrace ourselves and start connecting to our essence. The Roast gives us insights into our unconscious motivations, strengths and weaknesses and how we can harness these in a better way, and we reveal how to take ourselves and our surroundings to the next level.

Are you ready to be ROASTED?


4 to 8 hours. On location or online.

Participants fill out the extraordinary BluePrint Scan before the event. Online and in just 15 minutes.

Participants will learn how to instantly enter a mode of reflection, increase their balance and release stress, under all circumstances.

Participants will get insight into the qualities, pitfalls and limiting beliefs within their unique personality



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