Three things every entrepreneur should know about themselves

Three things every entrepreneur should know about themselves

Three things every entrepreneur should know about themselves 1280 720 Joel

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As the founder of the largest cross-sector CEO network in the Netherlands, I have encountered over 1000 entrepreneurs and business leaders from close up over the past 7 years. Time and again I have seen how an entrepreneur’s sense of self-knowledge is the crucial factor in determining the growth of organizations.

But, I have also found that most entrepreneurs grossly underestimate the impact of this factor and fail to give it the attention it deserves. This, even though acquiring in-depth insight into who you are does not have to be time-intensive.

Some of the consequences of lack of self-knowledge:
– Stagnation in growth organisation (or not realising all the possible growth)
– Sub-optimal top team supporting the leader
– No real perceived sense of purpose in the entrepreneur and the organisation
– No flow or even a lack of energy in the entrepreneur because he/she is constantly busy with matters he does not enjoy

What I see among fast-growing and intrinsically driven entrepreneurs with self-knowledge:

  • These entrepreneurs know EXACTLY what their strengths and weaknesses are

This enables them as entrepreneurs and leaders to only focus on what they are actually good at and what gives them energy. Time is precious for entrepreneurs. Every minute spent on activities that they do not excel in will delay growth, (you wouldn’t believe how often I see this happen).


  • These entrepreneurs know EXACTLY what kind of people they need around them
    These entrepreneurs dare to look at their less developed qualities and hire people to join their organisation who can supplement those lesser qualities. Many top teams are ineffective because there is too much overlapping of the same strong points. Because of this, the driving force behind innovation, sales and delivery will stagnate and the organisation will not be capable to accelerate in upscaling.


  • These entrepreneurs know EXACTLY what deeply motivates them
    Entrepreneurs who know what deeply motivates them can convert this into an attractive and actually perceived sense of Purpose. No only Purpose for themselves but also for their organisation. Employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders will recognize this Purpose and reinforce it. The entrepreneur and the ecosystem of the organisation will ride on the undercurrent of that Purpose which will further accelerate it.

I am not the first person to tell you that the world is changing. Who is going to win in the end? The purpose-driven entrepreneur with self-knowledge, the entrepreneur who creates from within.


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