You are going to complete the Scan. This Scan processes your answers on three different levels. That’s because the reality of who you are and your nature and character is built up in multiple layers.

First of all, on the outside you have your behavior with your skills and competencies. Behind this lies your personality, which is linked to your way of managing and working. And finally, back there again, you have your central operating system with your inspiration and leadership style. In this multidimensional reality you have a lot of power at your disposal. That’s what this Scan is about. We are proud to present it to you. It is based on 35 years of work and a validation rate of more than 18,000 participants who have provided their feedback on the development and refinement of this instrument. The aim was and is to strengthen everyone’s control over their own lives and to increase happiness in everyone’s life.


Please read this in its entirety first.

The Scan was developed by Laurens Vehmeijer 35 years ago. He has done this to show you as an individual and to be seen, so that your talents, competences and goals become clear.


It is important that you complete the questionnaire without distraction. Turn off your cell phone. Close your email. Sit in a quiet, enclosed area that feels comfortable to you. Make sure you are not disturbed.

What is being asked of you?

Below is a link to access the questionnaire. This questionnaire is about you as a person. There is no right or wrong in this questionnaire. You are not judged, you are seen.

How is it asked?

The questionnaire consists of 27 sets of 4 subjects. Each topic is on 1 line. Read each line as 1 whole. Indicate per line how important this topic is to you. If a topic is important to you, you give it a higher rating. And if the subject is less relevant, you give it a lower rating. 9 is the highest rating. 0 is the lowest rating. Give 4 different ratings for each block of 4 subjects. It shows itself.

How do you fill in the personal questionnaire?

Click here for video explanation personal questionnaire. The video is in Dutch.

Imagine going to a faraway country for 7 years. You don’t have to take anyone into account. Not with your work or school. Not with your family and friends. Also skip any expectations, judgments or opinions from outside. This is not about absolute truths, but about your own sincere experience. Fill in the questionnaire the way you want to be.
Once you have completed the questionnaire, your BluePrint will be compiled for you by one of our coaches. You will be notified as soon as your BluePrint is ready.

If you have any question about the questionnaire, please contact our helpdesk:

Enjoy filling it out! And remember: it’s about you!


We have a responsibility to handle personal data with care. This is also in accordance with the privacy requirements of Awake Origins. You can find more about this here: Privacy Policy.

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